Vigilante (Monk)
Class Traits

Source: Psionic and Shadow
Role: Striker and Defender.
Key Abilities: Dexterity, Charisma, Constitution
Hit Points: 15 + Charisma score (see defiant durability)
Hit Points Per Level: 5
Bonus to Defenses: +2 Will or +2 Fort
Healing Surges per Day: 5 + Charisma modifier (see defiant disability)
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, simple ranged, Alhulak, Dagger, Hand Crossbow, Quarterstaff, Rapier, Shortbow, Shortsword, Shuriken, Sling, Spiked Chain
Implement Proficiency: Ki Focuses
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather
Class Skills: Stealth. Choose 4 more trained skills from the following list.
Trained Skills: Acrobatics (dex), Athletics (str), Arcana (int), Bluff (cha), Insight (wis), Intimidate (cha), Perception (wis), Stealth (dex), Streetwise (cha)

People have a tendency to speak of the law in absolutes: Knights, Paladins, Warpriests of Erathis, and other Lawful characters love to talk about justice and nobility, and the benefits of righteous leadership. But you have seen the dark side of the law… you have seen inaction, you have seen despotism, you have seen the corruption of otherwise good and decent men shackled by a system that protects the criminals from their victims. Sometimes the law is the problem, and the solution requires more sacrifices than most are willing to make. Sometimes, upholding justice means breaking the rules. You have come to this revelation, and it has changed you… you are now a weapon of true justice. A protector of those whom the servants of the law would ignore, or even victimize themselves.

You decided long ago to forsake your old life and become a weapon of justice. Perhaps you are self-taught in the art of combat, or perhaps you were taken in by an organization or secretive monastary with similar views and trained in their ways. You may still follow their teachings, or you may have found them to be just another group of would-be despots masking their ambitions with talk of honor and freedom. You may have recieved formal training in some military organization, or be a former knight, or perhaps you are simply an orphaned waif who learned the hard way that strength is all that matters on the streets. Whatever the case, you are now a feared and often hated symbol of resistance to evil and corruption.

They call you a vigilante. A menace to society. A deranged rebel without a cause. But you know what you truly are, and you know how much they fear what you stand for. You are a beacon in the night, an exemplar of the willpower of mortal races to defy tyranny. You fight because no one else can, or because no one else will…

Class Features

Weapon Finesse (Level 1)

You may use your Dexterity modifier instead of your strength modifier for the attack roll and damage roll of basic attacks with a weapon.

Combat Style

You may choose to gain the Unarmed Combatant Class feature (as detailed in the Player's Handbook 3), or the alternate feature below.

Lone Gunman: You gain proficiency with military ranged weapons, and you ignore the penalty to attack rolls from concealment (but not total concealment), partial cover, and long range, so long as you are hidden from your target.

Relentless Will (Level 1)

You may use Charisma instead of Constitution to calculate your number of Hit Points and healing surges. In addition, while you are wearing light armor or no armor and are not using a shield, you have a +2 bonus to AC.

Monastic Tradition: Brotherhood of Shadows (Level 1)

You are both a ruthless enemy of injustice, and a defender of those who are oppressed by tyranny. Your powers and class features are designed to allow you to slip between the roles of striker and defender during combat. As a striker, you slip between foes and hide in the shadows, waiting for the chance to strike, at which point you become a stalwart defender of your allies, and others who are in need. If you find yourself in a position where you are unable to stand firm, you always have the option of escaping to wait for the next opening.

You may choose Brotherhood of Shadows as your Monastic Tradition (in place of other options provided in the Player's Handbook 3, Psionic Power, and Player's Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos). You gain the Dark Defender power as well as the Shadow Flurry of Blows power.

Dark Defender Vigilante Class Feature

As soon as your foe takes his eyes off you, you are gone. As he attempts to strike your ally, you are already there to intercept him.

At-Will • Shadow
Minor Action Close Burst 5
Target One creature in burst

Effect: The target is marked by you until the end of your next turn or until you become hidden from it. If an enemy marked by this power makes an attack which does not include you as a target, you may use an immediate interrupt to intercept their attack. You shift up to 5 squares and make a basic attack against the target, and on a hit the target takes a penalty to the triggering attack roll equal to your Charisma or Constitution modifier (whichever is higher).

Shadow Flurry of Blows Monk Class Feature

Your flurry of strikes are especially punishing when innocents are in danger.

At-Will • Psionic, Shadow, Weapon
Free Action (Special) Melee or Ranged Weapon
Target One creature
Level 11: One or two creatures
Level 21: One, two, or three creatures
Trigger: You hit a creature with an attack

Effect: The target takes damage equal to 2 + your Charisma or Constitution modifier (whichever is higher), and you may shift 1 square. If the triggering attack was in response to a marked enemy making an attack that didn't include you as a target, you deal 5 extra damage to each target.
Level 11: 4 + your Charisma or Constitution modifier damage.
Level 21: 6 + your Charisma or Constitution modifier damage.

Special: You may use this power only once per turn.

Shadow Investiture (Level 2)

Beginning at Level 2 and again at any level where you can select a new utility power, you may instead choose an Assassin utility power of the same level or lower. Each such power you choose gains the Psionic keyword, and counts as a Monk Utility power of its level for you.

New Monk powers

Heroic Monk Powers
Paragon Monk Powers
Epic Monk Powers

Paragon Paths

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