Source: Shadow
Role: Controller
Granted Power: Animate Shadow


Granted Power

Animate Shadow > Shadowcaster Feature

You send outt a portion of your soul to animate the shadows around you to do your bidding.

Encounter • Conjuration, Shadow
Minor Action Close Burst 20

Effect: You summon a medium shadow in an unoccupied square in burst. It shares your game statistics, but has phasing and a speed of 7. Enemies can't enter it's space, but allies can. The shadow can be attacked, though it lacks hit points. If the shadow takes damage in excess of 10 + your primary ability modifier it vanishes and you take damage equal to 5 + your primary ability modifier. When you take a move action, you can move your companion up to its speed. As a minor action you can command it to pick up, drop, or manipulate an item weighing 1lb or less, open or close a door or container, or similar simple actions.

Theme Powers

Shadowed Fortune |> Shadowcaster Utility 2

You merge your shadow with the enemy to veil them in misfortune.

Encounter • Shadow
Minor action Ranged 10
Target: One creature

Effect: The target takes a penalty to its next saving throw before the end of your next turn. The penalty equals your primary ability modifier.

Special: Until the effect ends, your Shadow is removed from play. At the end of your next turn your shadow appears in a square of your choice adjacent to the target.

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