Necromancer Feats

Deathless Horde
Prerequisite: Necromancer, Master of Death class feature.
Benefit: When one of your minions dies, you may use the Animate Dead At-Will Power as an immediate reaction. You take 2 necrotic damage for each minion you summon this way. This damage cannot be reduced or avoided in any way.

Prerequisite: Necromancer, Master of Death class feature.
Benefit: When you use the gentle repose or speak with dead rituals, you can spend an additional healing surge in order to reduce the time it takes to perform the ritual to 1 minute.

Drive to Slaughter
Prerequisites: Necromancer
Benefit: When you slide or push a target with a fear power, if the target is adjacent to one of your undead minions at the end of the forced movement, he takes damage equal to your Charisma modifier +1 for each adjacent undead minion.

Exult in Terror
Prerequisites: Necromancer
Benefit: When you bloody a creature or reduce it to 0 hit points with a fear power, you gain temporary hit points equal to one-half your level + your Charisma modifier.

Lich Body
Prerequisite: Necromancer, Unlife Focus.
Benefit: You gain Resist All 3/6/9 per tier. This resistance is ignored by Radiant Damage and you gain Vulnerable Radiant 3/6/9 per tier.

Vicious Distraction
Prerequisite: Necromancer, Undeath Focus
Benefit: When an enemy is adjacent to two or more of your undead minions, it grants combat advantage.

Vitality Channel
Prerequisite: Necromancer, Unlife Focus
Benefit: When you spend your second wind, one ally within 5 squares of you gains temporary hit points equal to 5 + your Charisma modifier.

Master of Pestilence
Prerequisite: Necromancer, Blight Focus
Benefit: You are immune to disease.

Expansive Knowledge
Prerequisite: Necromancer, Dark Knowledge
Benefit: Choose a second Dark Knowledge feature. You gain that feature.

Greater Necromancy Focus
Prerequisite: 11th level, Necromancer, Necromancy Focus
Benefit: You may trigger the power associated with your Necromancy Focus when you hit or miss with an encounter or daily power.

Racial Feats

Shard of Death
Prerequisite: Shardmind, Necromancer
Benefit: When you use Shard Swarm you may deal necrotic damage to each enemy in the burst. The necrotic damage equals 5 + your Intelligence modifier.

Faerie of the Pale Court
Prerequisite: Eladrin, Necromancer
Benefit: When you score a critical hit with a fear or illusion power you may teleport yourself or the target 3 squares as a free action. If you teleport in this way, you gain concealment until the end of your next turn. If you teleport an enemy in this way, it takes necrotic damage equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Winter's Vengeance
Prerequisite: Shadar-kai, Necromancer
Benefit: When you use a cold or necrotic power and miss each target, you can choose one target of that power and deal cold and necrotic damage to it equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Fading Horde
Prerequisite: Gnome, Necromancer
Benefit: When you become invisible, your Undead Minions also become invisible until the end of your next turn.

Ancestral Defense
Prerequisite: Elf, Necromancer, Undeath Focus
Benefit: When you use your Ghost Harrier power, you and each ally in the burst gains a +2 bonus to all defenses while adjacent to a creature granting combat advantage because of that power.

Grave Soul
Prerequisite: Genasi, Necromancer
Benefit: You gain Resist 5 Necrotic and a +1 racial bonus to Fortitude. Your resistance increases to 10 at 11th level, and 15 at 21st level. In addition, you gain the Shadow Coils power. You may use either Shadow Coils or your current manifestation's racial power once per encounter.

Shadow Coils Feat Power

The power of death wraps around you like tendrils of pure darkness.

Encounter ♦ Shadow, Zone
Minor Action Close Burst 2

Effect: You generate a zone of shadow coils in the burst which last until the end of your next turn. While in the zone you have partial concealment, and any creature other than you which enters or starts their turn in the zone takes 5 necrotic damage.

Level 11: 10 Necrotic damage.
Level 21: 15 Necrotic damage.

Angel of Death
Prerequisite: Deva, Necromancer
Benefit: Your Undead minions gain the benefit of your Astral Majesty racial trait.

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