"I am a master of undeath, a mighty spellcaster of unspeakable power."

Prerequisite: Necromancer or Wizard

Liches are an almost universally evil form of undead spellcaster of great power. They are feared by mortal beings for their malign magic, their intelligence and their willingness to embrace undeath for a chance to live forever (or rather, exist forever).Because liches have eternal longevity they often use this time to form schemes that take decades to develop, sometimes preferring to outlive a foe instead of confronting it, and as such most liches live in secluded areas of the world where they are content with furthering whatever research or plots they have in motion.

Gifts of Undeath (Level 11): You gain the Undead keyword and are no longer considered a living creature, resistance to necrotic dame equal to 5 + half your level and a +5 bonus to saving throws against poison effects. In addition you are immune to disease.

Spellmaster (Level 11): You may spend an action point to regain an expended arcane or shadow encounter power, instead of taking an extra action.

Necromantic Aura (Level 16): Enemies that enter or start their turn within 2 squares of you take 5 necrotic damage.

Path Powers

Liches Regeneration Lich Utility 12


Encounter ♦ Healing
**Minor Action Personal

Effect: You gain regeneration 5 until the end of the encounter or until you are no longer bloodied.
21st level: Regeneration 10.

Special: You must be bloodied.

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