Level 6 Assassin Utilities
Shadowdancer's Stance Assassin Utility 6

You increase the flow of Shadow through you, augmenting your ability to step through the shadows.

Daily ♦ Shadow, Stance
Minor Action Personal

Effect: Until the stance ends you can teleport 2 additional squares with Shadow Step, and you need not begin the teleport adjacent to a creature.

Twist the Night Assassin Utility 6

As your projectile begins to swerve off course, you slightly nudge the darkness around you and tug it onto a new trajectory.

Daily ♦ Shadow
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You miss with a ranged weapon attack

Effect: You reroll the attack and use the second result, even if its lower.

Dark Slip Assassin Utility 6

Falling back within the shadow of an object, you appear elsewhere with others none the wiser.

Daily ♦ Shadow
Move Action Close burst 10
Requirement: You must be hidden.

Effect: You teleport to a square that would grant you cover, superior cover, concealment, or total concealment from an enemy.

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