Level 16 Utility
Shadow of Vitality Fateweaver Utility 16

Your visions of closing wounds guide you as you mend the fabric of your ally's fate.

Daily • Shadow
Minor Action Close Burst 3
Target: Each ally in burst

Effect: The target can spend a healing surge, and gains a bonus to their healing surge value until the end of the encounter. The bonus equals your Wisdom modifier.

Shadow Force Fateweaver Utility 16

You weave dark magic into your ally's attack to increase its potency

Encounter • Shadow
Free Action Close Burst 5
Trigger: An ally in burst uses a power that pushes, pulls, or slides its target

Effect: Increase the distance of the forced movement by 2. In addition, you may knock the target prone at the end of the forced movement.

Slip the Weave Fateweaver Utility 16

You make a momentary hole in the fabric of space and time, shunting a creature through at just the right moment.

Daily • Shadow, Teleportation
Free Action Close Burst 5
Target: One creature in burst

Effect: You teleport the target 5 squares.

Crucial Guidance Fateweaver Utility 16

You foresee a moment of failure and use your magic to ensure it does not come to pass.

Encounter • Shadow
Free Action Close Burst 5
Trigger: An ally in burst misses with an attack

Effect: The ally rerolls the attack.

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