Level 10 Assassin Utility
Killer's Vitality Assassin Utility 10

As the enemy's life force fades away, you absorb it to recover your own stamina.

Daily ♦ Shadow
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You drop a non-minion enemy to 0 hit points

Effect: You regain 1 healing surge and may spend your second wind as a minor action until the end of your next turn.

Soul Stealer Assassin Utility 10

You pluck out the lifeforce of a dying enemy and store it for later use.

Encounter ♦ Shadow, Stance
Free Action Close Burst 10
Trigger: you reduce a non-minion enemy to 0 hit points

Effect: You gain one soul shard which you can expend as a free action at any time before the end of the encounter. When you expend a soul shard, it adds 1d4 to any d20 roll or to your defenses against a single attack.

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