Keepers of inscrutable secrets, masters of forbidden knowledge— a race of dispassionate collectors, traders, and scholars.

Racial Traits

Average Height: 5' 6"- 6' 2"

Average Weight: 120 - 210 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence, +2 Constitution or +2 Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Darkvision

Languages: Common, Deep Speech

Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 to choice of one other (knowledge)
Deep Knowledge: You may choose to gain either the lesser unveiling or martial secret power at first level.
Legacy of Secrets: You gain training in one additional knowledge skill.
Shadow Origin: You are native to the Shadowfell, so you are considered a shadow creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Shadowdark Resistance: You have resist necrotic 5. The resistance increases to 10 at 11th level and to 15 at 21st level.

Lesser Unveiling Incunabula Racial Power

Performing the first step of the Unveiling ritual, you painfully tear a piece of vital information from the victim’s mind, which grants you a momentary edge in combat.

Encounter ♦ Shadow, Necrotic, Psychic
Minor Action Ranged 5
Target: One creature.
Attack: Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma vs. Will. You gain a +3 bonus to the attack.
Level 11: The bonus increases to +6
Level 21: The bonus increases to +9

Hit: 1d6 + Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier necrotic and psychic damage and the target grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.
Level 11: Increase the damage to 2d6 + Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier necrotic and psychic damage.
Level 21: Increase the damage to 3d6 + Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier necrotic and psychic damage.

Martial Secret Incunabula Racial Power

You briefly whisper a profane secret as your enemy is about to strike, causing him or her to falter in the follow-through.

Encounter ♦ Charm, Shadow
Immediate Reaction Close Burst 5
Trigger: You are hit by a melee or close attack
Target: Triggering Creature

Effect: The target rerolls the attack with a -2 penalty.

Incanabula are humanoids native to the Shadowdark, where they serve Vecna by collecting and organizing all manner of secret knowledge. According to incunabulum legend, the race came into being thanks to the ancient First Shroud. the initial wrapping that the Ancestor used to encase his body and thus absorb the knowledge imprinted upon it. The First Shroud was, according to incunabulum legend, taken from the swaddling grave clothes of a child of Nerull.

Play a Incunabula if you want …
- to be an intellectual with a darker nature.
- to be a mysterious and inscrutable seeker of knowledge.
- to be a member of a race that favors the fateweaver, necromancer, and warlock classes.

Incunabula are humanoids who wrap themselves in long strands of ancient, magically preserved cloth. The wrappings are not merely an odd cultural affectation; once an incunabulum dons a particular set of wrappings during a special coming-of-age ritual (which shares many features with the process of mummification), the strands of cloth become an integral portion of the incunabulum's body.

When an incunabulum dies, only its wrappings are salvaged. Those wrappings are divided and from them two or three additional sets are prepared. These recycled wrappings are given to young incunabula who undergo their own coming-of-age rituals. In this way, fragments of secret knowledge and power are passed from one generation to the next. The wrappings possess bits of memory that stem from the first of the incunabula line.

Over their wrappings, incunabula gild themselves with rings, bracelets, circlets and other adornments, frequently taken from the bodies of those they have selected for interrogation. One can roughly reckon the power and knowledge of an individual incunabulum by the quality of his or her adornment. An incunabulum lives for two or three hundred years, longer for those who have learned the secrets of enhanced longevity.

Incunabula are enigmatic humanoids that live in silent, tomblike cities beneath the Shadowfell. They toil in narrow corridors and low-ceilinged chambers by the light of flaring oil lanterns. Some spend hours each day cataloging their ever-increasing store of knowledge on reams of parchment made from the skin of the dead. Others spend similar lengths of time sifting facts, no matter how minor, from captured souls, corpses, undead, and kidnapped living creatures. When questioning living humanoids, incunabula might submit enemies to a ritual of interrogation called the Unveiling that ends with the victim's death.

The incunabula collect their trove of secrets for a future need. This hoarded knowledge does not consist entirely of mind-shattering truths, but rather everyday minutiae stolen from the minds of the recently deceased. Each fragment of such knowledge amounts to little on its own but, like their lord Vecna, the incunabula believe that each tiny piece of recorded information is a single thread in a much vaster tapestry of understanding. When the subtle threads connecting the whole are finally recognized and the weave is understood in its entirety, the revealed lore could provide Vecna and the Incunabula with the necessary leverage to begin the next cosmic revolution.

Heredity and the passing on of accumulated knowledge are very important in incunubulan culture. Though they commonly ally with undead, incunabula rarely aspire to immortality through undeath as doing so would preclude their wrappings from being used to form the next generation. Twenty-one lines of incunabulum heredity are currently recognized. Each is traced through inherited wrappings and is distinguished by a surname, similar to a family name. Many recognized lines have gone extinct over the centuries (once, there were as many as thirty-three lines).

Though incunabula long ago came into the service of Vecna following his promise of infinite knowledge, not all incunabula are his followers; moreover, different lineages tend to emphasize different aspects of Vecna’s nature based on their particular array of hereditary memories. Incunabulum adventurers tend to be either incunabula who are actively seeking for secrets in service to Vecna or they might be more heterodox in their perspective, either seeking to gain knowledge for for their own reasons or, in rare cases, even to spread knowledge freely. However, incunabula of the latter kind are seen as blasphemous by orthodox incunabulum society, which maintains that secrets must be traded for secrets and are often persecuted. Incunabula typically act as information brokers, lore-seekers, and dispassionate observers.

Incunabula Characteristics: amoral, intellectual, secretive, inscrutable, eerie, organized, meticulous, scholarly, mercantile


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