Horde Raiser

"You have a thousand men, I have as many and more. For each of yours that drops becomes one of mine."

Prerequisite: Animate Dead power

The horrid vision which makes even brave men fear the Necromancer is the sight of legions of the undead marching under a waving banner, each death of the defenders lending another "able" body to the enemy's forces. You embody the beginnings of this nightmare, as more and more corpses rise by your skilled shadow magic, and the makings of an army form and follow behind you. You are a leader of the dead, unmatched by those who would decry your art, and your enemies' corpses provide just more fuel to the fire of your ambition.

Leader of the Dead (Level 11): Your minions gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls, all defenses, and to speed while they are within 5 squares of you.

Minion's Surge (Level 11): You may spend an action point to allow each of your minions to make its standard action attack without using an action, instead of taking your extra action.

Create Undead (Level 16): You gain the Wizard Spell Animate Dead. The power gains the Shadow keyword, and gains the following additional effects;

- The raised corpse has any resistances or weaknesses of the original enemy, plus resist 5 necrotic per tier and vulnerable 5 radiant per tier. It is immune to disease and poison, and retains any special movement modes (such as swim, fly, or burrow) and qualities (such as insubstantial or phasing) of the original enemy. If the enemy was intelligent, it retains the ability to speak and communicate with you, but lacks any ambition or will to do anything you do not command it to. The corpse remains animate after the end of the encounter and may continue to adventure with you until it is destroyed, but it continues to decay at the normal rate unless measures are taken to preserve it.

Path Powers

Horde Strike Necromancer Feature

Your legions of undead attack as one.

Encounter ♦ Minion, Shadow
Standard Action Close Burst 5
Target: Each of your undead minions in burst

Effect: Each target may make its standard action attack without using an action.

Shambling Phalanx Necromancer Feature

A wall of undead moving inexorably forward is enough to drive fear into any army.

Encounter ♦ Minion, Shadow
Move Action Close Burst 5
Target: Each of your undead minions in burst

Effect: Each target may shift 2 squares as a free action. Each target which ends the shift adjacent to another target gains a +1 power bonus to AC and Reflex until the end of your next turn.

Necomancer's Legion Necromancer Feature

Claws of bone and wings of leathery hide sprout from your minions as they take on a more bestial aspect.

Daily ♦ Minion, Polymorph, Shadow
Minor Action Close Burst 5
Target: Each of your undead minions in burst

Effect: Each target gains temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value, a fly speed equal to its ground speed, and deals 1d8 extra necrotic damage with its standard action attack. These effects last until the end of the encounter, or until all targets are destroyed.

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