Assassin Feats

Magic Talon
Prerequisite: Assassin, Hidden Talon class feature
Benefit: If the off-hand weapon you are wielding is magical, or if you are wielding a magical ki focus, then you gain a feat bonus to the weapon damage that you deal on a miss. The bonus damage equals the magic item's enhancement bonus.

Concealed Killer
Prerequisite: Assassin, Phantom Sniper class feature
Benefit: When you make a ranged or area attack while you have total concealment or superior cover, you add 2 to the extra damage you deal from your Phantom Sniper class feature. The extra damage increases to 4 at 11th level, and 6 at 21st level.

Street Runner
Prerequisite: Assassin, Trained in Acrobatics
Benefit: When you would make an Athletics check to jump or climb while in an urban environment, you may use your Acrobatics modifier instead.

Shrouded Execution
Prerequisite: Assassin's Strike, Assassin's Shroud
Benefit: When you use your Assassin's Strike on a target on which you've invoked four Assassin's Shrouds, your shrouds deal maximum damage.

Guild Mastery
Prerequisite: 11th level, Assassin, Executioner's Guild
Benefit: You gain training in a skill of your choice from the Assassin skill list.
In addition, choose another Guild Training option other than Executioner's Guild; you gain the benefit of that Guild Training option, and are considered to have that feature for the purposes of meeting prerequisites.

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