Assassin. The word conjures up images of hooded vigilantes delivering justice on the point of a knife, or of silent killers slipping through the shadows to find just the right spot and moment to deliver the arrow that ends a reign of terror. Heroic Assassins are adventurers who kill for the greater good. Sometimes they are paid for their services, but mere money is not what drives the Assassin; an Assassin fights for justice in places where the law favors the wicked. Some Assassins are sent to infiltrate the courts of powerful leaders and serve their patrons loyally for years, secretly keeping an eye on their benefactor to ensure he or she doesn't slip from the path of true justice.

As an Assassin, you weave the magic of Shadow into your more mundane combat arts. You are skilled at using a variety of weapons and fighting styles to get the job done, and you know the benefit of relying on stealth and subterfuge when brute force won't work. This webpage describes two new builds of the Assassin; the Guild of the Hidden Talon, and the Guild of the Phantom Sniper.

The Hidden Talon Assassin is an agile warrior who fights like a whirlwind, darting around the battlefield as a flurry of knives. The Hidden Talon Assassin prefers small, easily concealable weapons such as Daggers or Katars, and is skilled in fighting with a weapon in each hand. Though you wield two weapons, your attacks typically target only one opponent, often using your off-hand for a quick follow-up slash in case your primary attack misses its mark. Evasive and hard to pin down, a Hidden Talon Assassin is more durable than most Assassins, but just as deadly.

The Phantom Sniper Assassin is a silent and stealthy hunter who excels at striking from advantaged positions. Whenever a tyrannical ruler drops to a well-placed crossbow bolt, or a corrupt priest is strangled by his own shadow while a hooded figure lurks in the rafters, a Phantom Sniper is usually at work. As a Phantom Sniper you are loathe to fight in melee, and prefer a bow or crossbow in your hands, and a nice big rock or castle wall to hide behind. Phantom Snipers primarily use weapons, but also mix in pure shadow magic to attack enemies from the darkness or kill or subdue enemies without being revealed.

New Class Features

You may select the Hidden Talon or Phantom Sniper as your assassin Guild Training in place of either the Bleak Disciple or the Night Stalker.

Hidden Talon: When you miss with a weapon attack while wielding two weapons, you deal 1[W] damage with your off-hand weapon to one target of that attack. This feature may only be utilized if at least one of your weapons has the off-hand property. At 21st level, the damage increases to 2[W] (off-hand weapon).

Phantom Sniper: You gain proficiency with military ranged weapons and the Shuriken. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with thrown weapons and ranged weapons. In addition, once per round when you make a ranged or area attack while you have any cover or concealment from the target (not including cover from intervening allies), you deal extra damage equal to your Wisdom modifier to one target hit by the attack.

Shade Form: Fading Stalker

When you make your Assassin you may choose the Fading Stalker power in place of other Shade Form options, such as the Shade Form power.

Fading Stalker Assassin Class Feature

You flicker and fade into a fleeting shadow, allowing you to set up for the perfect kill.

Encounter • Illusion, Shadow
Minor Action Personal

Effect: You enter the form of the Fading Stalker until the end of your next turn. While in this form you are invisible and silent, and do not take any penalties to stealth checks for moving or running. You may pass through enemy spaces without provoking opportunity attacks. You gain vulnerable 5 radiant, and take a -5 penalty to stealth checks when you are in a square of bright light. If you make an attack roll, this effect ends and cannot be sustained.

Sustain Standard The effect persists.

New Assassin Builds

Hidden Talon

As an assassin, you find that smaller weapons work better in your line of work. The Night Talon guild of assassin is all about subtly, opting for easily concealed weapons in lieu of larger weapons. In combat, they use quick successive strikes, barraging their target with a wave of inescapable blows. Dexterity should rank as your highest ability score with Constitution being your second highest, as you will want additional HP and surges. Make your Charisma your third highest score. Choose the Hidden Talon option for your Guild Training class feature.

Suggest Class Feature: Hidden Talon
Suggested Feat: Light Blade Expertise
Suggested Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Insight, Perception
Suggested At-Will Powers: Flurry of Knives, Fading Strike
Suggested Encounter Power: Strike and Weave
Suggested Daily Power: Evasive Flurry

Phantom Sniper

Your training has been all about stealth and surprise; striking unseen from a distance and vanishing like a ghost before your mark even knows where you've gone. You favor ranged weapons and thrown weapons for their ability to strike from the most advantageous terrain. Dexterity should be your highest ability score, as your ability to strike the most vital areas is key to bringing down your quarry. Wisdom is a good secondary stat, as your ability to spot enemy weaknesses and discern when they are most vulnerable is a prime principle of the killer's art. Charisma would be a good third score, as it mayhelp you talk your way out of a fight if you are discovered.

Suggested Class Features: Phantom Sniper, Fading Stalker
Suggested Feat: Concealed Killer
Suggested Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Perception, Insight
Suggested At-Will Powers: Fading Strike, Precision Ambush
Suggested Encounter Power: Reaper's Rain
Suggested Daily Power: Shadowdancer's Barrage

New Assassin Powers

Level 1 Assassin At-Will Hexes
Level 1 Assassin Encounter Hexes
Level 1 Assassin Daily Hexes
Level 2 Assassin Utility Hexes
Level 3 Assassin Encounter Hexes
Level 5 Assassin Daily Hexes
Level 6 Assassin Utility Hexes
Level 7 Assassin Encounter Hexes
Level 9 Assassin Daily Hexes
Level 10 Assassin Utility Hexes
Level 13 Assassin Encounter Hexes
Level 15 Assassin Daily Hexes
Level 16 Assassin Utility Hexes
Level 17 Assassin Encounter Hexes
Level 19 Assassin Daily Hexes
Level 22 Assassin Utility Hexes
Level 23 Assassin Encounter Hexes
Level 25 Assassin Daily Hexes
Level 27 Assassin Encounter Hexes
Level 29 Assassin Daily Hexes

New Assassin Paragon Paths

Katar Master
Shadow Sniper

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